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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I would describe myself as a digital native and life-long learner. I am also a Communications, Media Technologies, Publishing graduate with over 4 years of industry experience in non-profit and tech sectors. This has nurtured my passion to help teams humanize and breathe life into their work through digital marketing campaigns and integrated communications.


To me, the sign of a modern marketer and communicator is part artist/part scientist. I adopt this mindset while using empathy to understand my audiences and create things that will be valuable to them. I use words to tell stories, teach, and reach with compelling and targeted messages delivered through multimedia. I believe storytelling is the best way to show company values in action.

Away from my desk, you'll find me traveling and exploring the great outdoors, curating the best music playlist for any occasion, or daydreaming about owning an Australian Shepard.

TL;DR - I am motivated to combine strategic planning with meaningful and data driven content that engages diverse audiences and stands out from the crowd. 

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