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In 2018, SAP’s Vancouver office was awarded Canada's first Accessibility Certified Gold rating by the Rick Hansen Foundation. This assessment also identified opportunities for improvement. I conducted an exploration into the accessibility of our internal communications and produced an action plan for how we can ‘level up’ on our commitment to workplace accessibility. This process included: defining the communication opportunity and challenge, goals and objectives, an accessibility audit, and action plan.

One of my main project outcomes was designing and implementing a communications for accessibility guidebook, catered to our most on demand office disability - visual impairment. These proposed strategies were also adopted by the SAP North America Diversity Task Force and BC’s Presidents Group.


“We struck a cross-functional task force to build an action plan to implement some of the recommendations in the report. One of the outcomes of the task force has been a guidebook for accessible communications at SAP Canada — which has become especially important in the context of COVID-19.” — Heike Neumann, Head of HR, SAP Canada, HRD Magazine 

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